Chicago, the wind city

Chicago, is one of the cities that we have fallen in love with since it has everything, tall buildings, large avenues, surrounded by gardens and parks, clean, and architecturally magnificent.

We recommend going 3 or 4 days to Chicago since it is a big city and in this way you will be able to know it calmly. On the other hand, there are many natural parks in the area, in that case, it would be advisable to go a week.

How will I get from the airport to the city?

The truth is that public transport works great, so to lower costs we would recommend that you take the CTA train or bus, the ticket leaves for $ 5 per ticket, IMPORTANT, have dollars in hand, and specifically 5 since it does not accept change. It takes 40-45 minutes and it leaves you in the center of the city, the well-known The Loop.

Another option, faster but also more expensive is an express bus that costs between $25-30 per person. Finally, the most meal, fast and expensive option is the taxi, which costs between $40-45 the journey.

What to do

Millenium Park (where The Bean is), very close to the lake and the gardens are very beautiful.

Willis Tower and Hancock Tower, are the two tallest buildings in Chicago, where you can see the entire Skyline of the city, the only difference between them is that one is paid (Willis Tower 20 $), while Hanckok Tower has a restaurant on the 95th floor. To go you have to tell the guys in the hall, that you have to go to The Signature Room, and they will kindly tell you why you can access the elevator.

Lakeshore Drive, it’s like they call the promenade that borders the whole lake, the best time to do it is the day that is less cold. you can do it by bike or walking, the bike rental is priced at about $ 10, it’s as easy as going to a bike stop City Bike, and take one.

Planetarium, although you can not access its interior, the views of the skyline of Chicago from its gardens are incredible, I recommend you to buy some food and if the weather permits it, enjoy a picking contemplating the views of the lake and the high buildings of Chicago

Stroll through the Navy Pier, a good option to access it is if you rent the bikes by the Lake Shore Drive, you can finish here. In our opinion, if you do not have time, we recommend that you go to the Planetarium before Navy Pier, since the views are much better. The Navy Pier, has a shopping center, a ferry wheel, and some other attractions.

The best museum to visit is the Art Institute of Chicago, free on Thursdays.

Lincoln Park, north of the city, is a garden where in the middle it has a zoo with free admission.

Wicker Park is a neighborhood that is outside The Loop, but it is very nice to walk and stroll through it. You can go by subway, or walk, according to your mood.

Where to eat

Breakfast at The Allis is the low panache social club Soho House, but you can access the restaurant without being a member. It’s not in The loop, but it’s worth going to it.

Garret Popcorn is famous for having popcorn cheese, caramel, a mix of the two, with nuts. It’s perfect for a snack, in the afternoon.

The Kitchen Bistro, perfect for dining overlooking the river.

EatItaly, is a supermarket where all products are Italian, but also has restaurants where you can taste delicious Italian food.

Cheese Factory, for lovers of cheese and sweets, this must be a mandatory stop, as they have a variety of spectacular cakes.

Nutella Cafe Chicago, as the name says, a cafeteria where the star product is Nutella, of course, if you are a lover of chocolate and Nutella, you can not stop having a snack in it.

Au Cheval, the best hamburgers in the city.